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Manually rotate Apache2 logs

Automatically rotate Apache2 logs, with cronolog

Cronolog is a simple filter program that uses a file template and the current date/time to rotate log files. The benefit of cronolog, over Apache's rotatelogs, is in cronolog's dynamic nature. Files are rotated when "%x" variables change. With rotatelogs, files are rotated with a previously specified time period. Also, with cronolog, you can specify a directory structure, such as %y/%m/%d, which will store access_log under the year/month/day hierarchy.

Filter error_log of favicon.ico requests (can account for 99% of the log, hiding important msgs)

Resolve IP to HOST under Apache2 logs

Search file for a string

Test the speed of your connection

Download a file from a backbone of the Internet

Test your hard drive performance

IP/HOST and DNS info