DeveloperSide.NET is converting to a Wiki

Posted: 2007-03-17 10:21:19

I have finally decided to convert DeveloperSide.NET and project into a Wiki.

All Guides, and Articles, will be user editable. Users will also be able to create new pages.

There will be no CAPTCHAs or login-required policies. Just strong spam control. The goal here is to make the entire editing process as painless as possible.

Choosing the right Wiki Engine was not simple… It came down to three choices: MediaWiki, TWiki, MoinMoin.

MediaWiki was too popular and bloated for my taste; which also translated into being insecure and most likely to be targeted by spam bots.

MoinMoin had the benefit of being written in Python, using flat files [simplicity is best], and having ACLs.

The final choice between TWiki and MoinMoin came down to this: Ubuntu, Apache, Fedora, Debain, and Xen all use MoinMoin as their Wiki.

If possible, I might even try to convert the entire site into a Wiki, and make the development of the Suite a community effort.

Due note that this is a big undertaking and might take a while to get up and running.

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