DynamicSide.NET Now Accepting DNS Records

Posted: 2007-01-26 19:52:39

Dynamic DNS at DynamicSide.NET

I’ve put up a working Dynamic DNS solution. Record update is immediate. Though your ISP/system/browser DNS cache might make you wait 10-15 minutes.

Mail and Web-Forwarding functionality have been temporarily disabled. But the dynamic dns part is good to go…

Create an account, and try it out.

*.dynside.net sub-domains are out for the time being — as I deal with our new DNS situation… but if you have a registered domain name, and can point it with your registrar to nameservers ns1.dynside.net and ns2.dynside.net, you are good to go.

I’m going to have to lose the Host’s nameserver entries for dynside.net, and just do my own authoritative DNS entirely. Not the best situation, but its the only way I can give away sub-domains, without entering a wildcard record with Linode DNS and delegating all unknown hosts back to me [there system will not accept an ‘*’ type of record].

I think I can get that up tomorrow.

Update 01/28/07
DNS for dynside.net sub-domains has been enabled.