DynamicSide.NET Beta is Live

Posted: 2007-01-02 00:37:25

As of the 1st of January, 2007 I have put up the DynamicSide.NET Dynamic DNS (ddns) site.

Be warned, its very beta right now. You can see the site and do a couple of things, but for the most part it is not integrated with the backend.

This project turned out to be much more complex that I originally hoped for… A solid week and a half of work in what you are seeing, a good 4-8 hours a day. The layout was simple, but the rest is another story. I would say its 75% complete. I just have to go over a few things and put up the backend.

So its out in the wild primarily to get indexed and to let everyone see a bit of the future.

Developed and tested on the Web-Developer WAMP Server Suite. [That would be a nice type of banner/stamp to put up.]

There is another project that I think I will work on before I complete this one, but its much more simpler and once the site layout is done, it should not take more than a few days to do.