DynamicSide.NET Update, Dec 28th 2006

Posted: 2006-12-28 15:41:08

About one week ago I started work on DynamicSide.NET, a provider of dynamic DNS [ddns] Services. I have been meaning to create this project since about 2004… And 2-3 years later, its coming along very well and I should be able to deploy the site within the next 7 days.

This will be a separate entity from DeveloperSide.NET. I will have to write/update the ddns client that I have integrated into the WAMP Controller as we are a bit above the one *.dynside.net sub-domain mark. But primarily, this project will stand alone on its own.

I also have two other projects that I think I will work on when dynside.net is deployed and working… Both of which will not have much to do with WAMP in particular, but will serve a purpose.