Enotarize.com Beta is Live

Posted: 2007-01-14 00:42:46

The other project that I mentioned, that has been in the wind since 2003, has been uploaded to the server…


Some of you are probably scratching your heads right now, but it has possibilities.

Right now, the backend is not connected, its just out to get indexed. In a few days I’ll add the needed database entries and a wget script, and it should go live.

In the mean time I need to do some work on DynamicSide.NET [which should be live within the next 7 days]. This dynamic dns project is turning out to be fairly complicated, since I’m not turning out a hack and am implementing an actual user system that validates, has features, and can be maintained and upgraded. Lots of php and sql code.

I also have a 3rd project, but I think I’ll put it aside for the time being, if I can resist temptation.