MySQL Wants Out of the GPL

Posted: 2006-12-30 09:46:24

It looks like MySQL has no more plans of providing the updated binaries [and source] to the ‘Community Server’ edition of the MySQL Server.

Currently the newest release version is 5.0.30, while Downloads only lists 5.0.27. The situation is the same under the changelog of the Manual.

MySQL is the copyright holder on the software, and is not bound to the license of any previous release, so this is all perfectly valid.

While this will not affect the Linux crowd much, this will be a problem for WAMP distributions as MySQL has always been difficult to compile on this platform.

Dropping the ‘Community Server’ edition in exchange of only providing to paid customers could also backfire, but I doubt that will happen.

Some alternatives to MySQL are…

Win32 source can still be obtained from MySQL’s FTP

A little more info can be found in this blog entry…