phpBB is dead... long live phpBB!?

Posted: 2007-05-19 07:57:48

Whoever created this headline got it exactly right.

phpBB is dead… long live phpBB!

In an not entirely unexpected email to the team, James “theFinn” Atkinson has, after a number of years inactivity even “behind the scenes” due to personal circumstance, has formally resigned as of the 30th of April, 2007.

The now newly independent phpBB still has the same active contributors and will continue to support the stable phpBB 2.0.x and develop the next-generation phpBB 3.0.x, with James having already allowed the transfer of the domain for a majority share of the financial assets that have been generated by the project via advertising to date, so as to minimize disruption to phpBB’s users.

A lot can be read between these lines…

For one, large sums of money are involved here. is a PR10/9 site and handles some serious traffic. And as the saying goes: more money, more problems.

Another is the restructuring of the ‘organization’… While new blood is always welcome, you do not want to lose the part of the team that has learned from making all the mistakes. Not unless you want to repeat your failures.