Connecting DreamWeaver with WampDeveloper Pro

How-to set up a connection with DreamWeaver to the website, and also to a database.

Dreamweaver Website Definition/Connection

Local Info:

Remote Info:

Testing Server:



The folder path is the DocumentRoot (what we call 'webroot') folder of the website and it might be different on your system (check WampDeveloper Pro's Websites Tab).

This website should already exist / have been created via WampDeveloper Pro.

DreamWeaver Database Connection

To connect DreamWeaver to MySQL, you would do so directly via MySQL using a specific database that you create...

1. Via phpMyAdmin create a new database, and for it a database user and password, with all permissions granted on that specific database.

2. Example settings for the MySQL Connection dialog box in Dreamweaver...


Always use 'localhost' when specifying a database server/host. 'localhost' here means: the local MySQL server (same system).