Migrating Websites with WampDeveloper Pro

WampDeveloper Pro's structure is designed for modularity, ease-of-use, ease-of-upgrade, and ease-of-migration. Moving websites is a very simple process.

1. Using the newly installed copy of WampDeveloper Pro, you should first create your websites again (via the Websites Tab) so all the website folders and configurations are re-created with the proper paths and values of the newer installation.

Then, stop the Apache and MySQL Services on both the previous and new install, and:

2. Copy to the new-install all the previous-install C:\WampDeveloper\Websites\domain\ folders. Select to overwrite everything if prompted.

3. Delete the new-install C:\WampDeveloper\Database folder and replace it with the previous-install "Database" folder.

That should take care of the migration of all the websites and databases.

4. Start the Apache and MySQL Services and test your websites.

5. Redo any custom changes that you might have made to any configuration files... Or if you have not made any configuration modifications, then the migration is finished.