Performing a Clean Re-Install of WampDeveloper Pro

1. Close all files that are opened in editors, and close any opened folders, that are located in the C:\WampDeveloper folder.

2. Run the WampDeveloper Pro application (WampDeveloper.exe), go into Components Tab, at the very bottom click the "uninstall wampdeveloper" link. Run the uninstallation tasks. Note any messages.

3. Once the uninstall tasks are done, close WampDeveloper.exe

If you have no websites and databases to preserve, delete this folder (note that this will also delete all your websites and databases)...
Start > Computer > select your drive > right click 'WampDeveloper' folder > Delete

We need to delete this folder as a new install will not overwrite everything or clean-up anything.

But if instead you have websites and databases to preserve, rename the C:\WampDeveloper folder to C:\WampDeveloper.old.

4. Reboot your system (usually not necessary).

5. Download and install newest version of WampDeveloper Pro in the original location.

Extra Steps to Re-Import Websites and Databases

6. Run WampDeveloper.exe, use the Websites Tab to re-create all your previous websites. This will form all the proper configuration files (with new information and the correct paths), folders, etc.

7. If you have websites to re-import: Stop the Apache Service, delete the new C:\WampDeveloper\Websites folder, copy the previous install's \Websites folder in.

8. If you have databases to re-import: Stop the MySQL Service, delete the new C:\WampDeveloper\Database folder, copy the previous install's \Database folder in.

If you are upgrading WampDeveloper Pro v4.0 to v4.1, the MySQL version has been updated from 5.1 to 5.5. This requires the database files to be updated.
Open the Command Line (System Tab, Command Line button), and run: mysql_upgrade.exe

If you are upgrading WampDeveloper Pro v4.1 to v4.2, the MySQL configuration has been changed...
Because of a my.ini change of setting innodb_log_file_size = 64M (from 4MB), you'll get this error in MySQL's error.log, and MySQL will not start...

  InnoDB: Error: log file C:\WampDeveloper\Database\ib_logfile0 is of different size 0 5242880 bytes
  InnoDB: than specified in the .cnf file 0 67108864 bytes!

Delete (or to be safe, just move out until you've confirmed everything works) file C:\WampDeveloper\Database\ib_logfile0, and ib_logfile1 (if it exists).

9. If a database import was done in step #8 - If you have previously set a password for MySQL's root account, you must close WampDeveloper.exe, edit WampDeveloper.xml, and update these lines to reflect the change (or web application installations will not work):

    <key name="dbUsername">root</key>
    <key name="dbPassword">root-password-here</key>

10. If you have any custom changes to any of the configuration files (httpd.conf, php.ini, my.ini, etc) you'll also need to re-implement them. Custom changes for Apache's configuration should always go into file Config\Apache\extra\wampd-custom.conf, which will make this migration process easier.

11. Run WampDeveloper.exe. Start the Apache and MySQL Services.

Notes about importing/exporting Database

It's cleaner to export your specific databases (don't export dbs: mysql, phpmyadmin, etc) into SQL files using phpMyAdmin and re-importing them into the new install the same way or via the command-line - rather than just moving/copying-in the \Database folder. *After the import, make sure to also re-create your database users (with all permissions granted on specific database).

Reinstalling the phpMyAdmin database

If you copy-in the \Database folder from WampDeveloper Pro v4.1 or v4.0 (phpMyAdmin v3.5) into v4.2 (phpMyAdmin v4), phpMyAdmin will need to have it's database re-installed.

Open the command-line (via System Tab), and execute the following commands within:

mysql -u root -p
DROP DATABASE phpmyadmin;
SOURCE C:/WampDeveloper/Tools/phpMyAdmin/examples/create_tables.sql

*If MySQL account: root has no password set, leave the '-p' part out. And make sure to update the 'C:' path with the drive letter you've installed WampDeveloper Pro on.