Browser's "Could Not Find" or "Could Not Display" Webpage Message

Posted: 2014-04-20 20:23:00

Oops! Google Chrome could not find domain-name

Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at domain-name.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

If, from the same system that the WAMP server is running on, your Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) is not able to locate your local website, the above messages will be displayed.

This happens when:

A) The Windows Hosts file does not have an entry resolving the website’s domain-name to the “loopback” address (

B) The Browser is still using its previous bad DNS resolve cache for this domain-name.

To fix this:

1. In WampDeveloper’s LocalDNS Tab, make sure this website is check-marked. If the check-mark disappears, then LocalDNS is not able to make changes to the Windows Hosts file because this file is being locked by another application.

2. Then click the Windows Hosts file button to open the file.

Make sure something similar to this line is present in the file: website.domain.alias1 website.domain.alias2

And that no other lines have your in them.

Save file if changes are made.

3. After making these changes, close your Browser so the older DNS caches are cleared.

*To unlock the Windows Hosts file see this howto:

*WampDeveloper’s LocalDNS works by resolving the domain-name to the local IP address via the Hosts file, so your local Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) knows where to find that website.

*Windows 8 users, see section “Enable IE Intranet Browsing” here: