Changing WampDeveloper's Default Text Editor and Browser

Posted: 2016-08-10 11:35:06

Is there any way to change the default Text Editor and/or Browser?

I absolutely HATE notepad.
I absolutely HATE Internet Explorer.

Hopefully it can be done!

The user-interface of WampDeveloper opens (outside of it):

For the users that prefer to use another Editor and/or Browser there is a solution.

Website Browser

WampDeveloper will use whichever Browser is set as default on Windows…

You can set the default Browser choice in –

Control Panel > Default Programs

You can usually also set this from within the Browser… For example in Chrome’s menu, select Settings, and in the "Default browser" section, make it so. But if that does not work, you’ll have to set it manually as above.

File Editor

WampDeveloper is configured to use Notepad, as it is the simplest editor for the task at hand (except for the task of opening very large log files).

To change to another editor –
1. Edit file WampDeveloper.xml.
2. In the values group, change the value of the key named editor from "notepad.exe" to the application name of your Editor (no quotes).

Restart WampDeveloper for changes to take effect. If WampDeveloper will not start after making the WampDeveloper.xml edit, the XML structure is not correct – delete file, start WampDeveloper again, and it will re-create this file.

If this Editor’s location is not in the system’s "Path" environmental variable (that holds all the locations to check for the provided file-name), you should be able to place the full path as the value above.

Otherwise, you can also insert the Editor’s folder into the system’s "Path" environmental variable…

1. Control Panel > System > Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.

2. In "System Variables" group, edit the "Path" (or "PATH") variable by adding to the end of its string:

;"C:\Program Files\Editor\exe-containing-folder\"

* The semi-colon (;) separates all the paths from each other by signifying the ending of one path and the beginning of another, and the quotes (") around the path is used when there is a space in that path.

3. Restart system for changes to the Environment Variables to fully propagate and take effect (* this is not always necessary).