Enabling IonCube Loader in WAMP

Posted: 2014-07-23 16:55:16

IonCube Loader enables WAMP servers such as WampDeveloper Pro to run encoded and secured PHP files. These files are usually commercial (not free) PHP scripts and apps that have been secured against reverse-engineering and piracy – such as WHMCS, vBulletin, Blesta, KBPublisher, and extensions/plugins for Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, etc.

To enable the IonCube PHP Extension in WampDeveloper Pro:

1. Open file php.ini –

2. Near the end of php.ini, locate the IonCube section –


3. Un-comment the load line for this extension (remove the ‘;’ character from the beginning of the line) –


4. Save file. Restart Apache.

Afterwards, IonCube will be loaded by PHP and you can verify this via phpinfo.php.

IonCube Loader should be loaded in php.ini before any of the other extra PHP Extensions.

Installing the latest version of the IonCube Loader

The latest version of the IonCube Loader can be downloaded from:
Loaders for IonCube Secured Files

It must match for the platform of:

The newer versions can replace the older versions by simply copying-over PHP’s existing ioncube_loader.dll extension file: