How to Uninstall WampDeveloper

Posted: 2014-07-25 16:49:56

Uninstalling WampDeveloper is very easy, but it is not done through Windows’ Control Panel\Programs and Features interface.

To uninstall WampDeveloper:

1. Go into WampDeveloper’s Components Tab.

2. At the very bottom, locate and click the “Uninstall WampDeveloper” link.

3. Proceed by clicking “Run Uninstallation Tasks”, then afterwards, once it’s done, click “Continue” to close it.

4. Once it’s finished and closed, delete the remaining C:\WampDeveloper\ folder to clear everything out (changes made, websites, databases, etc) and to start with a clean state before installing again.

* If Windows won’t let you delete the WampDeveloper folder, then some files inside it are still in use, just reboot/restart the system, then try deleting the folder once more.

* WampDeveloper is entirely self-contained (in it’s folder), and the uninstallation process does not delete any files – just in case you have websites and databases to keep. The task of deleting WampDeveloper’s folder is left to the user.

If you are uninstalling due to issues right after installation, you should go over this information: