Howto Switch WampDeveloper’s Apache PHP MySQL Branches

Posted: 2014-04-20 19:39:03

WampDeveloper provides 3 Apache, PHP, and MySQL channels:

The WAMP server can be switched to use any channel at any time.

For example:

To switch to using WampDeveloper’s “Stable” channel, which is: Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3, and MySQL 5.5…

1. In WampDeveloper’s Components Tab, click the download links to the latest provided releases of Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3 (regular, not FCGI), and MySQL 5.5 – that are not on the system already.

2. Once downloaded, extract each into the appropriate Versions folder:

Apache versions are maintained in:
PHP versions are maintained in:
MySQL versions are maintained in:

See this howto to make sure each packaged version is correctly extracted and placed:

3. After these versions are on system, close WampDeveloper and open it again to make sure it re-reads everything (but this is usually not necessary).

4. Select to use the new Apache, PHP, and MySQL versions:

In WampDeveloper’s Components Tab, in the top right corner, there is a group named “Select Subscription”.

Click on its “Channel” drop-down box, it will list items:
Current, Stable, Legacy

Select “Stable”, and all the Apache, MySQL, PHP branches that are on system in that channel will become select-able via their check-boxes.

Check-mark the “Use” box on each of the latest versions in that channel (ex: Apache 2.2.27 + MySQL 5.5.36 + PHP 5.3.29).

Then click: Update To Selected

* When switching to another Channel, you have to switch all 3 components at the same time: Apache, MySQL, PHP. You cannot switch one at a time.

* Channel “Current” will only work for OSs above XP and Server 2003.

* If you are using PHP-FCGI, using drop-down box “PHP Type”, switch selection from Regular to FCGI.