Installing WAMP on Windows Server 2012

Posted: 2015-03-20 21:26:52

Windows Server 2012 has several different installation types (the minimal “Server Core”, “Minimal Server Interface”, “Server with a GUI”, “Full”), and different options/features to select from.

Some features are required to run WAMP, while others have to be removed.

To be able to install and run Apache, MySQL, and PHP (i.e., WAMP) on Windows Server 2012, these are the minimal options/roles/features:

* .NET 3.5 is not absolutely required, as most .NET 3.5 applications can be run under .NET 4.5 (i.e., the Windows Server 2012 default .NET verison).

If you have installed “Server Core”, you will need to switch/convert it to “Server with a GUI” (which can be done with a number of commands).

It is best to not have additional Roles installed, such as: “Web Server (IIS)”. As these Roles and Features will have Services and processes that take port 80 and 443, which Apache needs to run (check Disable Services that Interfere with Apache).

You will also need to install the “C++ Re-distributable for Visual Studio 2012″ which contains the DLLs that Apache and PHP are compiled against (check Required Microsoft VC++ Redistributable Packages).