Moving Websites and Databases Between 2 WAMP Installs

Posted: 2014-04-19 18:03:31

This assumes you have the same WampDeveloper versions (ex: WampDeveloper 5.0) installed on each system, running the same MySQL branch (ex: MySQL 5.6), and that each WampDeveloper instance is installed on the same path (ex: C:\WampDeveloper), and you are using the same domain names for each website (locally and remotely).

First, make sure the receiving WampDeveloper installation has the same websites already created via the Websites Tab – so all the VirtualHosts, website folders, and other configuration files exist.

Then stop the Apache and MySQL Services on both systems.

Transferring Websites

Transfer (zip up and copy) to the other system the Websites folder. Select to overwrite everything, if prompted.

As an alternative, you can instead only move a specific website by transferring sub-folder:

Transfer Database

Delete the other system’s Database folder. Replace it completely (replace it, don’t copy-over to overwrite files).

MySQL Issues

If MySQL does not start/run after the \Database folder is replaced, and both machines are using the same MySQL version…

It’s possible that your ZIP program, FTP program, etc, (whatever you are using to package + transfer the files), or its options, does not preserve this NTFS Junction-Point folder link:
Database\mysql-data –> Database\mysql-data-56

You can re-create it (after transferring the \Database folder) by:

1. Deleting folder: Database\mysql-data

2. Opening the command-line w/administrative-permissions (System Tab button) and executing this command (*all on one line):
mklink /j C:\WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data C:\WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data-56

Note that the above example is for WampDeveloper v5.0 using MySQL 5.6.
For MySQL 5.5, the folder is: Database\mysql-data-55
For MySQL 5.1, the folder is: Database\mysql-data-51

And under WampDeveloper v4.x the Database folder is “as-is” (it does not have specific version sub-folders, nor NTFS Junction-Point links).

If this is not the issue, open this log file to see MySQL’s error messages:

VirtualHosts and other Website Specific Configuration Files

If you’ve made custom changes to the websites’ VirtualHost files, they exist in this folder and can be transferred:


If you’ve made custom changes to the websites’ AWStats files, they exist in this folder and can be transferred: