Running PHP 7.1 on WampDeveloper 5.4

Posted: 2020-05-22 19:13:28

To update WD v5.4 to use PHP 7.1…

1. Download the last released PHP 7.1 VC14 build (7.1.33)

Extract the files in the zip to path:

2. Download updated configuration files for WampDeveloper

Place provided file php-71.ini into folder:

Then open file \WampDeveloper\Config\Php\php-71.ini in an editor (Notepad will do), and auto search-replace all instances of these two path strings updated for the drive letter WampDeveloper is on –

D:/WampDeveloper to C:/WampDeveloper

D:\WampDeveloper to C:\WampDeveloper

Save file.

Place the other 3 provided files (wampd-php7.conf, wampd-php-fcgi.conf, wampd-phpmyadmin.conf) into folder \WampDeveloper\Config\Apache\extra\, overwriting exiting files. Make the same edits to path strings as above.

3. Edit file (with Notepad) \WampDeveloper\WampDeveloper.xml

Find group “<channels>”.
Add in this channel definition:

<channel name="Stable-PHP-7.1" exclude_os="XP, Server 2003">
 <component name="Apache" branch="2.4" compiler="VC14" binary_path="bin\httpd.exe" />
 <component name="Mysql" branch="5.6" compiler="VC10" binary_path="bin\mysqld.exe" />
 <component name="Php" branch="7.1" compiler="VC14" binary_path="php.exe" />

Save file. Close/open WampDeveloper – if there is a problem with the editing, this file can be deleted and WD will create a fresh copy of it on start.

4. Download the Correct Run-time

Your Windows OS likely has the 64 bit version of the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable” installed, but the above Apache and PHP need the 32 bit version
File name: vc_redist.x86.exe

If you attempt to start Apache without the above 32-bit run-time, there will be an error message about VCRUNTIME140.dll.

5. Switch WampDeveloper to use PHP 7.1

To switch to PHP 7.1, use Components tab to select the new channel named “Stable-PHP-71″. Once you’ve selected it, the check-box for PHP 7.1.33 should become available in the PHP sub-tab. Check-mark it, and click button “Switch To Selected Versions”.

Keep the other components as-is (Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.6) and all on Bits: 32, PHP-Type: Regular – as that is what matches the above downloaded PHP 7.1.33 build.

This should get the *minimum* setup running for PHP 7.1…

PHP Extensions

If you require any extra PHP extensions, check source –

With extra extensions, you’ll need to match the PHP version (7.0, 7.1), bits (32 or 64), build/compiler (VC14), and build-type (thread-safe/TS is for PHP regular, not-thread-safe/NTS is for PHP FGCI), to the PHP specific-version being used.