Running PHP exec() Shell Functions On WAMP

Posted: 2015-08-02 20:29:43

WAMP servers (such as WampDeveloper Pro) usually do not restrict executions of PHP functions – such as exec() and shell_exec(). You can verify this by checking the website’s Apache and PHP error log files.

If you are able to run your commands manually from the command-line, but not via WAMP, than the user the Apache Service runs as does not have the needed permissions to execute your commands and binaries (nor interact with the desktop if it is GUI related).

If you create a test.php file and place this code inside:

echo exec('whoami');

When run via a URL, Apache will output:

nt authority\system

But if you run “whoami” from the command-line yourself, it will output:


The user difference is why those commands do not run via Apache.

To execute privileged shell commands via Apache, you’ll have to run “services.msc”, select the Apache service, and change the “Log On” account From “Local System” to another user/account.

To avoid permissions issues, create a user in the Administrators group, and make sure to set the user’s password (as password-less accounts are “unauthenticated” which causes further issues).

Later on, once you verify that everything is working, you can fine-tune the account’s permissions. And check if what you are trying to execute requires Admin privileges.