Setting MySQL Root Password

Posted: 2014-08-10 22:52:08

To set MySQL’s root account password –

Login to phpMyAdmin

Use username ‘root’ and do not enter anything for the password.

Username: root

Update Root Password

Go into phpMyAdmin’s Users Tab.

There are 3 root accounts… One for each loopback IP (IPv4’s ‘’ and IPv6’s ‘::1′), and one for host-name ‘localhost’.

This represents the same account, the difference is the IP address and/or Host-name it’s accessed from.

Click the ‘Edit Privileges’ link that’s to the right of each account for the above.

In the ‘Change password’ Group, only fill in the Password box (and “Re-type” box), and then in that same Group click ‘Go’. Don’t change anything else.

Do this for all 3 root accounts, making sure that –
1) the password is the same in each account
2) the password only contains letters and numbers (don’t use any special characters like ‘&’ as they can later cause issues)


To let WampDeveloper know what the root password is (so WebApps Tab can install webapps) –

Once you’ve set root’s password, open file C:\WampDeveloper\WampDeveloper.xml with a simple editor like Notepad (and not a special XML editor), by right-clicking this file and selecting ‘Open With -> Notepad’, and near the bottom find these lines and fill in the password…

  <key name="dbUsername">root</key>
  <key name="dbPassword">fill-in-root-password-here</key>

Save file. Restart WampDeveloper.

If the password contains special XML characters (", &, ‘, <, >, etc), enclose that password string within “<![CDATA[string]]>“…

  <key name="dbPassword"><![CDATA[fill-in-root-password-here]]></key>

* Fancy XML editors can re-structure this file and mess it up; and since it’s ultimately just a text file, editing with Notepad is perfectly fine for this.