Installing WAMP on Windows 8 (and Windows Server 2012)

Posted: 2013-10-31 21:30:02

Before installing a WAMP server such as WampDeveloper Pro on Windows 8 (and Server 2012), you will need to unblock the Windows Hosts file, disable some extra port 80 Services, and clear IE settings that deal with browsing local sites (the “Intranet” Zone).

Exclude the Windows Hosts file in Windows Defender

Windows Defender will block the Windows Hosts file from modifications by detecting and then reverting any changes made.

Open Windows Defender
Excluded files and locations
File locations: (type in...)
Click Add, and then Save changes.

*If you are using Kaspersky instead of Windows Defender, you will still have to exclude the Hosts file path under Kaspersky.

Exclude the WampDeveloper application from Anti-Virus Checks

Antivirus software such as BitDefender can quarantine or block actions of applications such as WampDeveloper, and Apache + PHP + MySQL.

1. Add wampdeveloper.exe to the list of Excluded programs (processes):

2. Exclude the entire WampDeveloper folder if possible:

*Failure to do so can often manifest in WampDeveloper not being able to update the Windows Hosts file (and your websites’ domain-names not working). Or Apache + PHP + MySQL issues.

Disable Services that Interfere with Apache

Stop and disable Windows 8 (and Server 2012) Services that prevent Apache from binding to port 80…

You can do this from either –
A) Services Manager – run services.msc
B) Command line – open command-line via WampDeveloper’s System Tab; OR locate cmd.exe, right click it, and select “Run As Admin”.

(the order you do this can be important)
(the space you see after “start=” is important)

From Services Manager

SQL Server Reporting Services (ReportServer)
Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc)
BranchCache (PeerDistSvc)
World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)
Internet Information Server (WAS, IISADMIN)
Sync Share Service (SyncShareSvc)

*See how to disable the “HTTP” Service.

From Command-Line

Or from the command-line execute these commands to stop and disable the Services –

net stop ReportServer /y
sc config ReportServer start= disabled

net stop MsDepSvc /y
sc config MsDepSvc start= disabled

net stop PeerDistSvc /y
sc config PeerDistSvc start= disabled

net stop SyncShareSvc /y
sc config SyncShareSvc start= disabled

net stop WAS /y
net stop W3SVC /y
sc config W3SVC start= disabled

net stop HTTP /y
sc config HTTP start= disabled

You might not have some of these Services installed nor running, so some commands might output errors.

Other Applications that Interfere with Apache

Skype, TeamViewer, VMware Host Agent service, and other applications often default to taking port 80 and 443. Most can be configured to use other ports.

Opening Up Port 80 For Apache to Use On Windows

Enable IE Intranet Browsing

On Windows 8, IE now restricts some types of local browsing (localhost, LAN IPs, etc).

In IE Settings / Internet Options

If this does not help, add each new site’s URL ( + + aliases) to the Sites list of the Local Intranet zone.

How to Enable Intranet Browsing in IE10
Security zones: adding or removing websites
Removing IE’s Compatibility view settings for Intranet sites