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Building a new Kernel

DeveloperSide.NET Articles

  • Download the latest kernel code...
    • wget
  • Unpack and place the code...
    • tar -xjf linux-2.4.26.tar.bz2
    • mv linux-2.4.26 /usr/src/
  • Update the symbolic link 'linux' that points to the latest source of the kernel...
    • cd /usr/src
    • rm linux
    • ln -s linux-2.4.26 linux
  • Enter the source tree...
    • cd /usr/src/linux
  • Prepair for a new kernel build by removing any traces of the previous kernel build...
    • make mrproper
  • Configuration Menu, select features of the kernel...
    • Text based: make menuconfig
    • X based: make xconfig
  • Resolve dependancies...
    • make dep
  • make clean
  • Make the kernel...
    • make bzImage
  • Make the modules...
    • make modules
  • Move the previous kernel image, system map, and modules...
    • mv /vmlinuz /vmlinuz.old
    • mv /boot/ /boot/
    • mv /lib/modules/x.x.xx /lib/modules/x.x.xx.old
  • Place the newly built kernel image, system map, and modules...
    • cat arch/i386/boot/bzImage > /vmlinuz
    • cp /boot/
    • make modules_install
  • Edit boot options...
    • vi /etc/lilo.conf
  • Re-run Boot Loader to reflect changes made...
    • lilo