Drupal, is it the Right CMS for You?

There are two CMS provided under the Web-Developer Server Suite: Drupal and Joomla. But which do you use? This is the question that has been asked on our forums since the inclusion of a CMS webapp group into the Suite.

My usual response goes along the lines of “Joomla is easier to use; Drupal is more powerful.”

While the above statement is completely true, it does no justice differentiating the provided choices in a real way. Especially if you require something a little more custom in nature.

How Drupal Will Save The World really drives it home. Though I’m not referring to the article itself, but rather the comment section.

Simply put: Drupal is more powerful, but the learning curve is quite steep considering that good documentation is almost non-existent. I’m sure in the future this will be corrected, but for the time being, you better know your PHP and have a good head on your shoulders if you want to get into the more advanced capabilities of this CMS.

For anyone starting out with Drupal I recommend getting a copy of Pro Drupal Development as the first step.

And for anyone that just wants something simple, consider CMS Made Simple.

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