Google Toolbar Is a Resource Hog

I installed Google Toolbar in IE8 on Windows Vista.

It took up an entire cpu on a 4 core processor, ballooned IE load time from 1 second to 15 seconds, caused tabs to crash, and just made the entire system sluggish.

And that was after I turned all the toolbar’s options off.

It’s too high of a price to pay for seeing the PR of websites. Thanks, but no thanks Google. It’s now disabled.

Google Toolbar Performance

3 thoughts on “Google Toolbar Is a Resource Hog”

  1. This is a cometary from a company that says: The most popular Linux distribution is dying and promotes a WAMP product (a free stack for young developers). This is obviously a Lobby company, apparently don’t sell anything and confuses people (like SCO), their next article will be: Linux produces cancer or Windows-based cure for cancer.

  2. 1. This was my own personal experience with Google Toolbar. I know it’s not a typical result.

    2. Blog post about Ubuntu dying was made years ago and was in relation to the Dell deal. Current results: Dell makes little to nothing on it, shipbacks/returns are high.

    3. Selling and/or promoting Windows-using technologies is not any different than promoting/using Linux based technologies. I use what works for me.

  3. Yep, the fricken Google Toolbar sucks the life out of my computer. But….I find the NEATOSITY factor pretty high when using this option when doing a search.

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