Updated mod_aspdotnet Released


mod_aspdotnet has been resurrected and a new version [2006] released; read more here…
[Announce] (NON-ASF) mod_aspdotnet build 2006 released

Build 2.x.0.2006 is the first freestanding (non-ASF) release from the mod-aspdotnet project home, and includes a number of bug fixes since the final ASF-hosted release.

Note: the 2.2 builds do not seem to be working — it looks [under Dependency Walker] as if the build was linked, partially, against one of the Apache 2.0 libs.

2 thoughts on “Updated mod_aspdotnet Released”

  1. Yes – Apache2.2 side was busted(!) Looking forward to growing the mod-aspdotnet-users community mailing list so such things don’t go undetected.

    Today, on 4-4-07 an -r2 package was created for Apache 2.2 that straightened out the packaging flaw – check it out if you are already at Apache 2.2 (there was no flaw in the Apache 2.0 packaging).

  2. Thanks for letting us know!

    I was going to build mod_aspdotnet 2006 myself, but did not have VS.NET 2002 installed on my system at the time.

    I think updating the codebase to build under VS.NET 2005 and .NET 2.0 will be a major milestone.

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