Ubuntu’s Endgame, Adding Insult to Injury

It’s time for all the fans that rallied behind the idea of Dell providing Ubuntu, or any other Linux distribution, to follow through and purchase a system

Scratch that, they have all disappeared!

Some choice quotes from the same exact fanbase-type “users” that posted to Dell’s IdeaStorm:

“I don’t know how I feel about the “for advanced users and tech enthusiasts” bit. Seems like it undermines my stance on what Linux is about. Dell will not be getting my business until they change.”

“Ubuntu is great, but until it can play all Windows games at near the same performance, I don’t believe it will ever be “better” for my uses.”

“I would definitely pay $50 for a Windows license and a better video card in the Dimension, even more!”

“I’m disappointed that they only offer shitty models and options.”

“I’ve NEVER liked or bought any DELL products, and NEVER will. Why would I want to save 40 bucks on something I would never buy…”

“I love Linux, Ubuntu, and the open-source/GPL movement, but I like to put my systems together personally.”

“If Ubuntu was anything BUT a technical nightmare to configure, what would be the reason to buy one of these? Yes, it installs really easily. Getting it to WORK is next to impossible.”

“You get a computer with an OS you can ***download for free*** pre-installed. Wow!”

“I’m not really interested in buying a PC with an OS, as much as buying a PC with no OS installed.”

How the tides have turned! Not that I, or anyone else, should be surprised. This was to be expected. After all, our fanboys are our biggest hindrance… They talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

Something to consider: once you price the exact same XPS 410 [Vista Home Premium] and 410n [Ubuntu] system, take into account that Dell is offering free shipping on the Vista system, while the Ubuntu system will cost $30 to ship — you are saving only $10!

[I’ve taken the comments from digg and slashdot, and have slightly edited them for better readability]

15 thoughts on “Ubuntu’s Endgame, Adding Insult to Injury”

  1. Don’t even try and play like those are the same Linux users who wanted Dell to add systems with Linux pre-installed! And where did those quotes come from? Afraid to put proper references on your page and show everyone you are a fraud!? Are you trying to rack up the Microsoft points so you might be on the list to get a free laptop the next time that deal rolls around?

    Go away.

  2. All of your writing is, is FUD. You state in another post that one shouldnt blindly follow an OS like a fan-boy, but all you do is spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the #1 linux distrobution, Microsoft’s biggest nightmare. All you are doing is damaging the open-source movement. And you are obviously, hypocritacally a Microsoft fan-boy

  3. …all you do is spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the #1 linux distrobution, Microsoft’s biggest nightmare.

    Linux’s biggest nightmare is not Microsoft, it’s the so called “users” that ignore reason and fact while calling it “FUD.” I quoted ‘users’ because most of these characters have no real experience with Linux whatsoever.

  4. Reason and fact? Do you even understand how open source makes money?

    Buying a system with Ubuntu is not about saving money. It is about buying a system with Ubuntu. Your blog has .NET in the title, something tells me you are certainly not a Linux fan. The u in FUD stands for Uncertainty. The D stands for Doubt. The F, most certainly, does not stand for Fact. Your writing is total BS.

    Ubuntu does install easy. It also works easy. Here is one for you: 17 minutes. That was the time it took me to get my Ubuntu system exactly how I wanted it. Installation of Ubuntu itself, all the software I needed, my favorite themes, and more. 17 minutes. Thats 16 for the install, and 1 to get my themes and files in order.

    2 and a half hours. Thats how long it took to get my Vista UPGRADE in order.

    Now, 17 minutes for everything working on a fresh install, or 2 hours for some things working on a upgrade? Lets give this some serious thought.

    Congratulations on being one of the almost billions who have money on a blog. Too bad you have nothing serious to write.

  5. It’s not Linux fanboys that are the biggest hinderence, it’s ubuntu fanboys. I notice that you’ve had a few negative comments, most likely from said ubuntu fanboys who, of course, can’t stand one negative thing said about their overrated distro.

  6. Buying a system with Ubuntu is not about saving money. It is about buying a system with Ubuntu.

    I’m glad you’ll be buying a Dell/Ubuntu system in the near future.

  7. This is Dells fault/problem not the communities. If they want business they have to quit trying to make a higher profit on the Linux machines than the Windows machines. They are hoping to make more of a profit from the free-software movement.

  8. I disagree, as the same community that started this by posting to ideaStorm will now be completely unsatisfied until Dell starts to sell Ubuntu/Linux systems at a loss.

    Dell is one of Microsoft’s biggest volume licensees. My understanding is they only pay $25-$65 per Windows license and move 20+ million systems per year. Add to that the profits made from the included win32 crapware applications [hinted to be $30-$60 per PC], and we are now looking at a loss that can only be partially offset with the drop of basic support…

    At this point the “high” price of these systems should not be a surprise to anyone. This is why I have stated that the Dell/Ubuntu deal was set up to fail from the beginning… I’m trying to expose it so the blame can be directed away from Linux — this is not an attempt to spread FUD…

  9. If Dell knew they would not make any “profit” from these sales they should have outright said so instead of sidestepping it and keeping the prices similar to the Windoze machines. It’s Dell’s fault in my mind that they let this happen, they should have known they could not make a profit because of the crapware ordeal and should have in turn told the community that.

  10. Dell tried to backpedal out of it at first by saying they were only “certifying” some systems as “Linux compatible”, but the potential backlash from the community was deemed too risky. There was just no way to save face but to move ahead. I’m sure they are cursing ideaStorm right now. [My other take is that Microsoft gave the thumbs up to this move]

  11. Closet Microsoft fan or not, I think you make a very good point. Ubuntu is a great OS, but Linux is still not ready for Johnny Compaq or his mom, and I can’t think of a single “tech savvy user” or “enthusiast” that buys Dell.

    Dylan says:
    Your blog has .NET in the title, something tells me you are certainly not a Linux fan.

    I hope this guy’s joking.

  12. I thought he was referring to your TLD!.

    Your 1st assumption was the correct one. Dylan probably never went to the main site. He was certainly referring to the TLD.

    If you like that, see the other thread where people were actually demanding I post credentials of an accredited business and journalism degree before making any further blog posts related to Linux.

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