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Having some free time on my hands, I have taken the liberty of upgrading our WordPress version from 2.0 to v2.1.

It was a rather simple procedure — since our blog is very standard [non-modified]…

  • Backup wp db, as a precaution.
  • Backup wp dir, as a precaution.
  • Unpack new wp version dir.
  • Copy over files wp-config.php and .htaccess
  • Run upgrade.php

With other setups, you would also want to copy over dir wordpress/wp-content, as it can contain themes, plugins, and images linked to from blog posts.

The major changes with our new setup are…

  • The use of the default WP theme, as it’s a bit cleaner.
  • The use of the Akismet spam plugin, hence allowing all visitors to post comments.
  • The use of the wp-cache plugin for faster load times.
  • The use of the Social Bookmarks plugin to allow interested readers to bookmark/submit an article to the various social sites.
  • The use of the Category Tagging plugin. [It’s the only one in its category that I could get to work]
  • The use of the Add-Meta-Tags plugin to improve Blog SEO.

The installation of the wp-cache plugin required permissions and ownership change for the wordpresswp-content dir…

  • ‘chown root:apache wp-content’ to give ownership to the Web-Server
  • ‘chmod 775 wp-content’ to give write permissions to the Web-Server

The Category Tagging plugin was a bit harder to setup, as it required the manual editing of a theme template and css file.

The other plugins installed automatic.

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