Websites That Are Ready For SSL!

Drop your key and certificate into this folder... Its already waiting for it.

SSL Certificate Folder

WampDeveloper Pro v6 is our fourth generation website development and hosting application - with Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4, and MySQL 8.0.

With an SSL secured site ready to run, also stay up-to-date with the latest versions of PHP...

For Windows 10 (and Server).

4th-Generation WAMP:

  • Professional-Grade
  • Fully-Supported
  • Secured and Hardened
  • Performance Optimized
  • Modular and Clean

Now with support for PHP 8.0!

Released September 11, 2020

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Did your certs ship with a bundle-file*? Not a problem...

*Uncomment the bundle file line in the SSL VirtualHost file. Restart Apache.

Installs Under 1 Minute - Ready to Run - No Manual Required - Self-Contained