WampDeveloper Pro's Hidden Features!

CloudFlare integration out-of-the-box without additional modules nor setup!...

CloudFlare Integration

*Check inside file Config\Apache\extra\wampd-cloudflare.conf (to load, uncomment in httpd.conf)

Mass Dynamic Virtual Hosting that can be controlled by scripts!...

Mass Dynamic Virtual Hosting

For creating websites just by creating domain name (and sub-domain) folder-names. Without interacting with WampDeveloper and without setup of VirtualHost files.

*Check inside folder Websites\dynamic.vhosts\

Server-Side-Includes to generate websites without using PHP!...

Server Side Includes

A simpler option if you don't need the programmatic aspect of PHP. That is, when you just need to include a common head, menu, and footer surounding each HTML page (and common divs inside).

*Check inside file Config\Apache\extra\wampd-ssi.conf (to load, uncomment in httpd.conf).

Page Caching for massive performance increases!...

Apache mod_cache

*Check inside file Config\Apache\extra\wampd-cacheserver.conf (to load, uncomment in httpd.conf).

Exploit Stops that make successful break-ins ineffective!

Disable PHP Functions

*Even if an exploit reaches into your code, it can't do anything. Uncomment line in Config\Php\php.ini.


Install WampDeveloper Pro on a fixed drive (HDD, SDD), Removable Drive, or a RAM Disk.

Or zip the \WampDeveloper folder, and move it to another system - it will re-install itself "as-is" with all your websites and databases.

Other Features...

Set no logging of requests for URL
Dont Log URL

WampDeveloper uses this feature itself to prevent the multiplicity of the automated /server-status requests filling up the localhost access logs.

Use custom packages of Apache, PHP, and MySQL

To use, place your versions in the right folder that WampDeveloper can understand:

Ues custom VirtualHosts, index.php, and .htaccess files for each new website added.

*Check inside folder Resources\ for the default files used.

WampDeveloper Pro v6 is our fourth generation website development and hosting application - with Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4, and MySQL 8.0.

Put websites online in under 60 seconds after a simple, automated, no-questions asked installation...

For Windows 10 (and Server).

4th-Generation WAMP:

  • Professional-Grade
  • Fully-Supported
  • Secured and Hardened
  • Performance Optimized
  • Modular and Clean

Now with support for PHP 8.0!

Released September 11, 2020

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