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Building zlib 1.2.3

Building a Web Server, for Linux




  • Package(linux source): zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2
  • Unpack with command...
    tar -xjf zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2

Our Configuration

  • Install to : /usr/local
  • Module types : dynamically and staticly loaded modules, *.so and *.a

Configuration Options

Displays a list of configuration options...

.../zlib-1.2.3]# ./configure -h

Build Instructions

Note that zlib library files are placed into /usr/local/lib and zlib header files are placed into /usr/local/include, by default.

Build Shared (and static) Libraries
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# make clean
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# ./configure --shared
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# make test
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# make install
Extra Files
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# cp zutil.h /usr/local/include
  • .../zlib-1.2.3]# cp zutil.c /usr/local/include
[sanity check] Libs and Headers

/usr/local/lib should now contain...

  • libz.a
  • ->
  • ->

/usr/local/include should now contain...

  • zconf.h
  • zlib.h
  • zutil.h
[Optional] Instructions for non-standard placement of zlib

Create the directory that will contain zlib...

.../zlib-1.2.3]# mkdir /usr/local/zlib

Follow the given procedure above, except...

.../zlib-1.2.3]# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/zlib

Update the Run-Time Linker

/etc/ will need to be updated with the new zlib shared lib:

For standard zlib installation...

  • Add /usr/local/lib to /etc/, if specified path is not present
  • /etc]# ldconfig

If zlib was installed with a prefix...

  • Add /usr/local/zlib/lib to /etc/
  • /etc]# ldconfig