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Building MySQL 4.1.21

Building a Web Server, for Windows


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP5 with Processor Pack[Will not build correctly with Visual Studio .NET]


Original Instructions

Our Configuration

  • Install to : C:\www\mysql

Build Instructions

Note that during the build process a new libmysql.dll will be placed under %SystemRoot%\system32 (C:\WINNT\system32, C:\Windows\system32)

  • Delete the current %SystemRoot%\system32\libmysql.dll
Visual C++ Workspace IDE Build Instructions

mysql.dsw is the Visual Studio Workspace which exposes the entire list of working .dsp projects that are required to build MySQL.

  • Load mysql.dsw
  • From the Build menu, select 'Set Active Configuration'...
    Select 'mysqld-Win32 Debug', Build
    Select 'mysqld-Win32 Release', Build
    Select 'mysqld-Win32 nt', Build
    Select 'mysqld-Win32 Max', Build
    Select 'mysqld-Win32 Max nt', Build
  • Or -- From the Build menu, select 'Batch Build...', de-select all but the above, Build


The build process does not copy the directories nor the files to the installation location -- this has to be done manually.

  • > mkdir C:\www\mysql
  • Move the following directories from the build directory (...\mysql-4.1.21) to the new C:\www\mysql directory...
  • Rename and/or move the following directories within the C:\www\mysql structure...
    Rename client_release to bin
    Move client_debug under bin
    Rename lib_release to lib
    Move lib_debug under lib
  • Copy ...\mysql-4.1.21\libmysql\libmysql.def to the C:\www\mysql\include directory
  • Copy ...\mysql-4.1.21\support-files\*.* to the C:\www\mysql directory


  • Copy your choice of C:\www\mysql\xxx.ini (my-medium.ini) to your %SystemRoot% directory (C:\WINNT).
  • Edit file %SystemRoot%\my.ini, section [mysqld], insert...
    basedir = C:/www/mysql/
    datadir = C:/www/mysql/data/
  • Edit [client] and [mysqld] sections - socket = C:/www/tmp/mysql.sock[Make sure to create directory C:/www/tmp]