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Building Perl 5.8.8

Building a Web Server, for Windows


  • Microsoft Visual C++
    [we will use Visual Studio 98 / VC++ 6.0]
    [Visual Studio .NET will also work with the same instructions]
  • Notes:
    • When using the command-line (command-shell) with VC++, always set the Build Environment and update the System PATH to reflect the tools used in the build --> Guide: Working with the Command Shell


Our Configuration

  • Install to : C:\www\perl
    [do not install to a directory that contains white spaces]

Configuration and Setup

  • Edit file C:\build\perl-5.8.8\win32\Makefile
    • Edit INST_DRV = C:
      [specifies drive letter to install Perl on]
    • Edit INST_TOP = $(INST_DRV)\www\perl
      [specifies path to install Perl on]
    • Uncomment fields...
      [under perl 5.8.8, these fields are already uncommented by default]
      • CCTYPE = MSVC60
        [specifies compiler : Visual Studio C++ 6.0, Toolkit 2003, or .NET 2003 (if using .NET 2005, specify the last choice)]
      • CRYPT_SRC = fcrypt.c
        [implement the crypt() builtin function]

Build Instructions

  • Open a comand-line interface, with the Build Environment set.
    • cd /d C:\build\perl-5.8.8\win32
    • > nmake
      [ignore the 'warning ...' type messages]
    • > nmake test
      [this will run most of the tests from the testsuite, many tests will be skipped]
      [there should be no test failures when running under Windows NT/2000/XP with NTFS]
      [some tests might pause, momentarily]
      [tests can take 15 minutes to run on a P3]
      [Output: All tests successful, 50 tests and 316 subtests skipped. Files=988, Tests=117873.]
    • > nmake install
      [this will install files to C:\www\perl]
      [ignore the 'cannot resolve ... in paragraph' type messages]

Add Perl to the PATH

  • Set PATH under Start » Settings » Control Panel » System » Advanced » Environment Variables » System variables » Path
    • C:\www\perl\bin


  • List available command line options...
    perl -h
  • Print configuration summary...
    perl -V
  • Print version, subversion...
    perl -v