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phpBB 2.0.20

Building a Web Server, for Windows


  • Apache 2.0
  • PHP 4.4
  • [while it is possible to run phpBB under PHP5 -- officially: running phpBB 2.0.x with PHP5 is not supported]
  • MySQL 4.0;
    MySQL 4.1/5.0 in combination with PHP's extension 'php_mysql.dll' (the only PHP MySQL extension phpBB2 supports) will require the use of MySQL 'old_password()' function -- for phpBB's database user password
  • [It is recommended to only use MySQL v4.0 or v4.1 -- MySQL v5.0 requires minor changes to phpBB2 and the combination is still relatively new]
  • Notes:
    • phpBB2 uses PHP extension 'php_mysql.dll' and not 'php_mysqli.dll' -- make sure that under php.ini, PHP extension 'php_mysql.dll' is present and uncommented (under PHP v4, 'php_mysql.dll' support is built in).
    • If using MySQL 5.0, under phpBB, edit file 'install/schemas/mysql_schema.sql'...
      find and replace bbcode_uid char(10) NOT NULL,
      with bbcode_uid char(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,


Our Configuration

  • Install to : C:\www\phpBB2
  • [note that phpBB2 will be placed outside of Apache's webroot]
  • Access phpBB2 index/forums as : http://localhost/forums/
  • Apache's path : C:\www\Apache2
  • Apache's webroot : C:\www\webroot
  • MySQL's path : C:\www\mysql
  • phpBB's MySQL info...
    • database name : phpBB2
    • database's username : phpBB2user
    • database's username password : dbpassword
    • [note to substitute each occurrence of this password under this Guide, for your own alternative]
    • database's table prefix: phpbb_
  • phpBB's Admin info...
    • Administrator Username: admin
    • Administrator Password: adminpassword
    • [note to substitute each occurrence of this password under this Guide, for your own alternative]

Setup phpBB's MySQL database and user

  • Access the MySQL prompt...
    • C:\www\mysql\bin> mysql -u root -p
    • [note that if password for MySQL user 'root' has not been set; when prompted for the password, leave line blank and hit Enter]
  • Create database 'phpBB2' (phpBB's main database, which will hold all tables)...
    • mysql> CREATE DATABASE phpBB2;
  • Create secured account with user 'phpBB2user' and password 'dbpassword' (secured account -- only accessible from 'localhost', access permitted only to database 'phpBB2', only needed privileges granted)...
    • mysql> GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE, DROP ON phpBB2.* TO 'phpBB2user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'dbpassword';
    • [note password 'dbpassword' -- substitute in selected alternative]
    • [note that DROP is only required for database restores, and ALTER is only required for certain modules and future upgrades]
    • When using MySQL 4.1/5.0 with PHP MySQL extension 'php_mysql.dll', the password created for MySQL user 'phpBB2user' will need to be re-processed with a MySQL v4.0 hashing algorithm -- phpBB2 can only use extension php_mysql [over extension php_mysqli] which does not contain the new/improved authentication protocol that is used by MySQL 4.1/5.0...
      mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'phpBB2user'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('dbpassword');
    • [again, note password 'dbpassword']
    • mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
    • mysql> quit;

Configuration for Apache 2.0

  • Edit file C:\www\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf; uncomment line (remove the beginning character '#')...
    • LoadModule alias_module modules/
  • Edit file C:\www\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf; insert code...
    • <IfModule mod_alias.c>
           Alias /forums "C:/www/phpBB2"
    • <Directory "C:/www/phpBB2">
           Options None
           AllowOverride None
           order allow,deny
           allow from all

           AddType text/html .php
           AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php
  • Make sure the 'DirectoryIndex' line has 'index.php' appened to it...
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.php
  • Restart Apache


  • Unpack as C:\www\phpBB-2.0.20
  • Rename directory C:\www\phpBB-2.0.20 to C:\www\phpBB2
  • Start (or restart) Apache at this point, for httpd.conf changes to take effect.
  • Visit http://localhost/forums/install/install.php and fill out all the requested information, then select "Start Install"...
    • Basic Configuration
      • Default board language: English
      • Database Type: MySQL 4.x
      • [Select 'MySQL 4.x' regardless of MySQL version]
      • Choose your installation method: Install
    • Database Configuration
      • Database Server Hostname / DSN: localhost
      • Your Database Name: phpBB2
      • Database Username: phpBB2user
      • Database Password: dbpassword
      • [note password 'dbpassword' -- substitute in selected alternative]
      • Prefix for tables in database: phpbb_
    • Admin Configuration
      • Admin Email Address: admin@localhost
      • Domain Name: localhost
      • Server Port: 80
      • Script path: /forums/
      • Administrator Username: admin
      • Administrator Password: adminpassword
      • [note password 'adminpassword' -- substitute in selected alternative]
      • Administrator Password [ Confirm ]: adminpassword
  • At this point you should see a screen with the following text...
    • Your admin username has been created. At this point your basic installation is complete. You will now be taken to a screen which will allow you to administer your new installation. Please be sure to check the General Configuration details and make any required changes. Thank you for choosing phpBB 2.
    • Before selecting "Finish Installation", the following directories must be deleted...
      • C:\www\phpBB2\install
      • C:\www\phpBB2\contrib
      • [optional] C:\www\phpBB2\docs