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Backup and Restore of Websites, Databases, and Wamp-Developer

Backups can be performed on websites, databases, and even the entire Wamp-Developer installation, for normal reasons, hardware upgrades, and server migration.

Complete Wamp-Developer Backup and Restore

It is important to understand that WampDeveloper.exe contains an integrated installer which will detect an uninstalled state, and using the contents of the Wamp-Developer folder it's in, perform an installation on the same system (restore) or the new system (migration) while maintaining all previous websites + databases + configurations.

Basically, a ZIP of the C:\WampDeveloper folder is also a fully re-installable copy.


  1. Stop the Apache and MySQL Services.
  2. ZIP the entire C:\WampDeveloper folder.

It is important to stop Apache as log files are being written.

It is important to stop MySQL as a running database will not be in a state which guarantees that a filesystem copy of it will be usable (not be corrupted).


  1. If a present installation still exists on the system, stop it's Apache and MySQL Services, and then uninstall it and delete it (or move it, or rename it).
  2. Using your backup, unzip the WampDeveloper folder and place it in the proper filesystem location (usually the previous location, or the root of a drive).
  3. Run WampDeveloper.exe, it will either: detect an uninstalled state and proceed with installing the services, updating the paths used in configurations, etc, on the system; or simply take the place of the previous installation.
  4. Make sure the Apache and MySQL Services are started, and then test your websites.

Individual Website and Database Backup

  • Websites - Each website is stored in folder C:\WampDeveloper\Websites\domain.name\
  • Database - The entire MySQL Database is stored in folder C:\WampDeveloper\Database\


Individual MySQL databases can also be exported with the mysqldump command, into an "sql" file.