Create & Self-Host Websites in 60 Seconds!

With Advanced, High-Performance Web Server Software using Apache, PHP, MySQL - for Windows

WampDeveloper Pro enables professionals, average users, and businesses to rapidly create & deploy websites using Apache (web server), PHP (language), and MySQL (database).

With WampDeveloper Pro creating websites is a 1-click process.

  • A complete web development and website hosting platform on which to create standards-based dynamic HTML + CSS + JavaScript sites running on PHP and MySQL!
  • Performance Optimized. Secured. And Fully Supported!
  • Built on standards and best-practices, with 7+ years of web-development and website hosting experience! (since 2003)
  • Now comes standard with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB and MediaWiki (1-click install in any website and URL)!
  • Host websites after a simple 60 seconds 1-click installation!
  • System Tab - Control Apache, MySQL, and other Services. Get web server status reports. IP information. And much more.
  • Websites Tab - Add and manage websites with a single click.
  • Local DNS Tab - Select DNS settings for your websites.
  • Web Applications Tab - Automatically install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB3, and MediaWiki.
  • Proxy Pass Tab - Proxy specific requests to backend Tomcat, IIS, and Nginx servers.
  • Components Tab - Select versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL to use with a single click.


WampDeveloper Pro

WampDeveloper Pro is a complete Windows-based Apache, MySQL and PHP web-server software application used for creating, developing, and hosting websites.

Create websites with a single click. There is nothing to configure or set up. Automatic 60 seconds installation.

Download WampDeveloper Pro v5 for Windows

Version - 249mb - August 13, 2015

WAMP Server: Apache 2.4 (with mod_ssl and mod_security), PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.6

Applications (ready-to-run): NodeJS, MongoDB, memcached, phpMyAdmin, phpMailer, Perl, AWStats, ImageMagick, msmtp, Expat, cURL, wget, GnuWin32

WebApps (auto-installable): WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB, MediaWiki, ZenCart

PHP Extensions: XDebug, Memcache Client, IMagick, MongoDB Connector

PHP Opcode Caches: Zend OPcache, APC, eAccelerator, XCache

PHP Encoder Support: Zend Guard Loader (ZendLoader.dll), Zend Optimizer (ZendOptimizer.dll), IonCube Loader (ioncube_loader.dll)

Compatible with:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (SP1), XP (SP3)
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 (SP2)
(will run on both 32 and 64-bit OS versions)


  • 2974 MB free space
  • The default Windows file system (NTFS)
  • .NET 3.5 SP1 (if you are running Windows 7 or 8, you just have to enable .NET 3.5 SP1 in Control Panel > Programs > Windows Features; for Server 2008/2012 R2 enable .NET 3.5 via Add Roles and Features wizard; for XP and Vista download it from Microsoft)
  • Or .NET 4.5 on Windows 8 and Server 2012 (but you must enable the application to use .NET v4 by editing its <application>.exe.config file.

*Windows 8 users must add the Windows HOSTS file path (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts) to Windows Defender's "Excluded files and locations" list (in it's Settings menu) before installing WampDeveloper Pro (or the installation will fail on the Hosts File Check step).

*Kaspersky users must also add the Windows HOSTS file path to the Exclusion list.

*SpyBot, ZoneAlarm, or any other types of anti-malware/virus and firewall applications should have the "Windows HOSTS file lock" feature disabled.

Installation Instructions:

For Setup Versions:

  1. The zip file contains files setup.exe and setup-1.bin. Run (double-click) file setup.exe to begin the installation process. *It will install to the same drive the setup files are run from (to install under D:\, extract setup files to D:\ before running setup).

For Non-Setup Versions:

  1. The zip file contains folder "WampDeveloper", extract this folder to the root of a drive... Example: If you are installing to drive C:, open the zip file, click extract, select drive C to extract to (C:\). This will extract the "WampDeveloper" folder and place it as C:\WampDeveloper\. Be careful to only extract the folder and not to just extract the inner contents of this folder, or you'll end up with C:\Components, C:\Websites, etc.
  2. Run file C:\WampDeveloper\WampDeveloper.exe, accept the license terms, click the "Run Installation Tasks" button. When the installation process is finished, if necessary, you might be asked to reboot/restart the system.
  3. Run WampDeveloper.exe again, the Apache and MySQL Services should have already started and you should have several websites listed that you can work with and add to.

*License: Each license is for three concurrent installations. One for production/deployment, one for testing/development, and one for failover/backup/load-balancing. Though you can install and uninstall as many times as you like.

*The application will default into a 30 day Trial Mode. The Trial Mode is not limited or restricted in any way. You may enter a Serial Number / Key at any time to clear the Trial Mode.

WampDeveloper Pro Non-Setup Package (ZIP) (1023 MB)
The alternative download. Choose this one if you want to extract and place files yourself.