Create & Self-Host Websites in 60 Seconds!

With Advanced, High-Performance Web Server Software using Apache, PHP, MySQL - for Windows

WampDeveloper Pro enables professionals, average users, and businesses to rapidly create & deploy websites using Apache (web server), PHP (language), and MySQL (database).

With WampDeveloper Pro creating websites is a 1-click process.

  • A complete web development and website hosting platform on which to create standards-based dynamic HTML + CSS + JavaScript sites running on PHP and MySQL!
  • Performance Optimized. Secured. And Fully Supported!
  • Built on standards and best-practices, with 7+ years of web-development and website hosting experience! (since 2003)
  • Now comes standard with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB and MediaWiki (1-click install in any website and URL)!
  • Host websites after a simple 60 seconds 1-click installation!
  • System Tab - Control Apache, MySQL, and other Services. Get web server status reports. IP information. And much more.
  • Websites Tab - Add and manage websites with a single click.
  • Local DNS Tab - Select DNS settings for your websites.
  • Web Applications Tab - Automatically install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB3, and MediaWiki.
  • Proxy Pass Tab - Proxy specific requests to backend Tomcat, IIS, and Nginx servers.
  • Components Tab - Select versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL to use with a single click.


WampDeveloper Pro Server

WampDeveloper Pro™ is a Windows-based web server application (and platform) that provides an easy-to-use framework & interface for creating, developing and hosting websites.

WampDeveloper Pro enables professionals, average users, and businesses to rapidly create & deploy websites using Apache (web server), PHP (language), and MySQL (database).

With WampDeveloper Pro creating websites is a 1-click process. Use any domain name (real or made-up), and your new website will be immediately reachable & usable.

WampDeveloper Pro Features

WampDeveloper Pro Features


  • Apache 2.4 Web Server
  • MySQL 5.6 Database
  • PHP 5.6 Engine
  • NodeJS, MongoDB, Memcached, Perl
  • phpMyAdmin for MySQL
  • AWStats Log Analysis
  • Zend OPCache, APC, XCache, eAccelerator Opcode (PHP) Caches
  • Xdebug for PHP


  • Follows Best Practices
  • Performance Optimized
  • Secured
  • Modularized
  • Virtual Hosting Enabled
  • SSL Hosting Enabled
  • Platform Independant


  • CIS "Level-1" Security
  • Up-to-date Apache, MySQL and PHP Versions
  • mod_security Web Application Firewall
  • OpenSSL Cryptography Toolkit
WampDeveloper Pro Integration

WampDeveloper Pro Integration

WampDeveloper Pro can integrate with all PHP & MySQL based web applications, IDEs, and PHP Frameworks.


PHP Frameworks

WampDeveloper Pro Clients and Roles

Our Clients and WampDeveloper Pro Roles

Our Clients

  • Professionals & Regular People
  • Web Design and Development Teams
  • Web Hosting Firms and Providers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Public and Private Organizations
  • Public and Private Educational Institutions

Locations We've Sold

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India
  • Around the globe: France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, Romania, Indonesia

WampDeveloper Pro Roles

  • A Professional Grade Apache + PHP + MySQL + Perl Hosting Solution
  • Rapid development, testing, and deployment of PHP and MySQL websites and applications
  • Replacement for IIS, SQL Server, and ASP.NET
  • Migration path and technology diversification for Linux, Unix, Sun shops
  • Integration and packaging of custom PHP and MySQL websites and applications with WampDeveloper Pro, for end-client delivery, to simplify your client's setup needs
  • Simplified path for developing and testing web sites on Windows, while deploying and hosting on Linux
  • Rapid development of proof-of-concept ideas
  • Dry-run environment before production deployment
  • Educational package for employees, clients, students

More Features
Apache, PHP, MySQL Components
Always up-to-date Apache, MySQL, PHP components (select new versions as they are released).
Switch between multiple versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP, with 1 click.
Subscription channels to Apache 2.4/2.2/2.0 PHP 5.6/5.5/5.4/5.3/5.2/4.4 MySQL 5.6/5.5/5.1 branches of Components.
Performance Optimized with a tuned Apache configuration, PHP Opcode Cache, and MySQL Query Cache.
256 worker threads with smart KeepAlive settings allow for hundreds of responsive, concurrent connections.
No set limits on the number of websites that can be created.
Will create new websites with a single click.
Can forward all domain aliases (and https requests) to primary domain name of website.
Automatic local DNS resolution for each website (and direct access to the system's Hosts file).
VirtualHosting enabled. Host multiple websites on the same server, on the same IP address.
SNI enabled. Run multiple SSL (secured) websites on the same server, on the same IP address.
PHP is enabled for all websites.
Perl and CGI is enabled for all websites.
.htaccess, mod_rewrite and SSI (Server Side Includes) are enabled for all website.
Log files (and statistics) segmented per website.
Can ProxyPass websites and specific URLs to other URLs.
Will integrate with IIS and Tomcat on the same system to run ASP.NET and Java code.
Web Applications
Works with all major PHP and MySQL based web applications / software (including both open-source and commercial software).
Automatically installs WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB, MediaWiki, ZenCart for you.
mod_rewrite enabled for clean URLs and SEO.
User Interface
First-class User Interface application (not an in-browser webpage).
Direct access to a website's webpage, DocumentRoot folder, .htaccess file, Virtual Host configurations, analytics/statistics web page, individual log files, and other assets.
Controls operations of Apache and MySQL (and other) Services and their startup modes.
Direct access to Services being used, Firewall, Command Line.
Web Server real-time data and statistics report with number of requests, kBytes out, worker threads, and uptime.
System IP address information and public IP address detection.
phpMyAdmin and AWStats
phpMyAdmin user-interface to MySQL database (with access on every website's /phpmyadmin URL).
AWStats analytics/statistics access, per website (on /stats URL).
Support is provided for 12 months from an experienced engineer.

  • Secure Ordering
  • Immediate Download
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • - WampDeveloper Pro v5.4.0.1
  • - Released August 13, 2015
  • - For Windows 8, 7, Vista SP1, XP SP3
  • - Server 2012, 2008, 2003 SP2
  • - Runs on both 32 and 64-bit OS