Howto Update WampDeveloper’s Apache PHP MySQL Versions

WampDeveloper Pro can switch between all provided versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL automatically, while retaining all websites, configurations, databases, etc.

The process is exactly the same for Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

We will use PHP as an example here.

To switch or update to the latest provided PHP version…

1. Go into the Components Tab, PHP sub-tab.

2. Click on the download link for the version of PHP you’d like to use.

For example:

(*note that there are Standard and FCGI versions of PHP provided)

3. After downloading the PHP version, extract the contents of the zip directly into this folder:

Important –

If you’ve downloaded and unzipped the above PHP version (5.5.19) correctly and into the proper Versions folder, this file path should now be valid and exact:

Most of the issues happen here – everything gets unzipped into the wrong folder, into an deeper/extra sub-folder, or the inner files get extracted without their containing folder.

4. In the Components Tab, top right corner, there is a group named “Select Subscription”. Click on its “Channel” drop-down box, it will list items: Current, Stable, Legacy.

Select Channel “Current” – and all the Apache, MySQL, PHP branches on system and in that channel will become select-able via their check-boxes.

Then select Bits: “32”, and PHP Type: “Regular”.

(*this step is only for WampDeveloper v5; WampDeveloper v4 has only 1 channel)

5. Then check-mark the above PHP version (5.5.19) in Components Tab, PHP sub-tab.

If you can’t check-mark it, it’s been unzipped into the wrong place. Otherwise, try closing and opening again the WampDeveloper application.

6. Click “Update To Selected”. WampDeveloper will do the rest. All your websites, the MySQL Database, configurations, and everything else, will remain as-is.

The User-Interface will switch to the new versions in about 10 seconds.

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