Installing on Windows 8

Before installing WampDeveloper on Windows 8, you will need to do 2 things -

Exclude the Windows Hosts file in Windows Defender

See section “Excluding the Hosts File” here -

*If you are using Kaspersky instead of Windows Defender, you will still have to exclude the Hosts file path under Kaspersky.

Disable Services that Interfere with Apache

Stop and disable these Windows 8 Services. They prevent Apache from binding to port 80…

You can do this from either -
A) Services Manager – run services.msc
B) Command line – open command-line via WampDeveloper’s System Tab, OR locate cmd.exe, right click it, and select Run As Admin.

(the order you do this can be important)
(the space you see after “start=” is important)

From Services Manager

SQL Server Reporting Services (ReportServer)
Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc)
BranchCache (PeerDistSvc)
World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)

From Command-Line

Or from the command line execute these lines -

net stop ReportServer /y
sc config ReportServer start= disabled

net stop MsDepSvc /y
sc config MsDepSvc start= disabled

net stop PeerDistSvc /y
sc config PeerDistSvc start= disabled

net stop WAS /y
net stop W3SVC /y
sc config W3SVC start= disabled

net stop HTTP /y
sc config HTTP start= disabled

You might not have some of these Services installed or running, so some commands might error out.

Also check the Services Manager to see if you have “TeamViewer” running…
This service waits a couple of minutes after computer startup, and then takes port 80 if it’s available. You can stop it, and disable it too.

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