Running PHP 7.1 on WampDeveloper 5.4

To update WD v5.4 to use PHP 7.1…

1. Download the last released PHP 7.1 VC14 build (7.1.33)

Extract the files in the zip to path:

2. Download updated configuration files for WampDeveloper

Place provided file php-71.ini into folder:

Then open file \WampDeveloper\Config\Php\php-71.ini in an editor (Notepad will do), and auto search-replace all instances of these two path strings updated for the drive letter WampDeveloper is on –

D:/WampDeveloper to C:/WampDeveloper

D:\WampDeveloper to C:\WampDeveloper

Save file.

Place the other 3 provided files (wampd-php7.conf, wampd-php-fcgi.conf, wampd-phpmyadmin.conf) into folder \WampDeveloper\Config\Apache\extra\, overwriting exiting files. Make the same edits to path strings as above.

3. Edit file (with Notepad) \WampDeveloper\WampDeveloper.xml

Find group “<channels>”.
Add in this channel definition:

<channel name="Stable-PHP-7.1" exclude_os="XP, Server 2003">
 <component name="Apache" branch="2.4" compiler="VC14" binary_path="bin\httpd.exe" />
 <component name="Mysql" branch="5.6" compiler="VC10" binary_path="bin\mysqld.exe" />
 <component name="Php" branch="7.1" compiler="VC14" binary_path="php.exe" />

Save file. Close/open WampDeveloper – if there is a problem with the editing, this file can be deleted and WD will create a fresh copy of it on start.

4. Switch WampDeveloper to use PHP 7.1

To switch to PHP 7.1, use Components tab to select the new channel named “Stable-PHP-71″. Once you’ve selected it, the check-box for PHP 7.1.33 should become available in the PHP sub-tab. Check-mark it, and click button “Switch To Selected Versions”.

Keep the other components as-is (Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.6) and all on Bits: 32, PHP-Type: Regular – as that is what matches the above downloaded PHP 7.1.33 build.

This should get the *minimum* setup running for PHP 7.1…

PHP Extensions

If you require any extra PHP extensions, check source –

With extra extensions, you’ll need to match the PHP version (7.0, 7.1), bits (32 or 64), build/compiler (VC14), and build-type (thread-safe/TS is for PHP regular, not-thread-safe/NTS is for PHP FGCI), to the PHP specific-version being used.

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