Upgrading WampDeveloper Simplified

The upgrade process for 95% of WampDeveloper users involves (for the most part) just copying and replacing a few folders and files to keep your previous websites and databases.

The process in the larger WampDeveloper Upgrade guide appears more complicated because it includes additional explanations, takes care of special cases, and describes possible issues (with solutions provided).

This is the simple version of the WampDeveloper Upgrade guide. If you are upgrading between versions within the same major version or branch, and have not made any significant changes to the configuration and the platform, this guide is for you.

Upgrading WampDeveloper

  1. Click uninstall (bottom of Components Tab), proceed.
  2. Rename folder C:\WampDeveloper to C:\WampDeveloper.old
  3. Install new version as C:\WampDeveloper
  4. If you have websites and databases to keep:
    1. Using the Websites Tab, re-create your websites (by inputting the same domain name and domain aliases for each website). Then stop Apache and MySQL.
    2. Delete and replace (with previous) folder: \Database
    3. Overwrite / copy-over (with previous) folder: \Websites
    4. Re-install the phpmyadmin database by running the 4 commands listed in section “Re-Install phpMyAdmin’s Database” (make sure to update commands for drive letter) of the larger guide.
  5. If you used WampDeveloper to auto-install web-apps (via Webapps Tab), to see those web-app installations listed in the Webapps Tab, replace (with previous) file: \Webapps\apps.xml
  6. If you have made custom changes to the website VirtualHost files, website AWStats configuration files, and/or the general Apache, MySQL, and PHP configuration files – those changes should be made again in the new installation.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading WampDeveloper Simplified”

  1. Hi
    I installed the Wampdevelper Pro originally to f:\wampdeveloper for testing purposes before committing to a purchase. Before purchasing I want to move it to my C:\ drive, as this partition I make an image of regularly. I have gone through the process of un-installing as explained but it still insists of installing to the original folder on f:\.
    I have looked high and low trying to find reminiscence of the install with just a few left over entries in the registry and all they did was give me another 30 Days trial.

    Any ideas would be helpful.
    Cheers, Rob

    1. Did you move the previous installation folder to C:\, or are you installing fresh by running setup.exe?

      If the later, setup.exe will install to whichever drive it is ran from…

      Running C:\setup.exe will install WampDeveloper as C:\WampDeveloper.

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