Upgrading WampDeveloper Versions

The cleanest and best way to do an upgrade between both minor (v4.2.0.1 to v4.2.0.3) and major versions (v4.2 to v5.0) of WampDeveloper Pro is to perform a clean re-installation followed by a website + database transfer procedure (if needed, to maintain all websites and databases)…

Clean Re-Installation of WampDeveloper

1. Click the Uninstall link at bottom of Components Tab. The un-installation process will not delete any files or databases.

2. Rename folder C:\WampDeveloper to C:\WampDeveloper.old. If Windows does not allow the folder to be renamed, then some files are still open or in-use. Reboot your system to close everything out.

3. Install the new version of WampDeveloper to the previous location (ex: C:\WampDeveloper). Then reboot/restart.

4. Use Websites Tab to re-create your websites, so that all new (and updated with newer template/format) Virtual Hosts files, other configuration files, and website folders are created.

5. If you have no previous websites and databases to preserve, nor any custom Apache, PHP, MySQL configuration changes to re-implement, you can safely delete the old C:\WampDeveloper.old folder. Otherwise, for the next websites and databases transfer processes, stop Apache and MySQL, and proceed…

Transfer Websites

If you need to preserve your previous websites…

1. Copy from C:\WampDeveloper.old your \Websites folder over the C:\WampDeveloper\Websites folder (copy-over, overwrite all).

* Do not just delete and replace the folder, instead, it should be copied-over the existing folder (to preserve newer DocumentRoot folders which might not have existed in the previous version).

Transfer MySQL Database Files

If you need to preserve your previous databases…

Note that:

WampDeveloper 4.1 used MySQL 5.1 with database location:

WampDeveloper 4.2 used MySQL 5.5 with database location:

WampDeveloper 5.0 uses MySQL 5.6 by default, but can also switch to using MySQL 5.5 and 5.1; with each major MySQL branch maintaining its own database files (because the data format/schema of the files is different for each MySQL branch):

  • MySQL 5.6 as \WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data-56\
  • MySQL 5.5 as \WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data-55\
  • MySQL 5.1 as \WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data-51\

If: Upgrading WampDeveloper Versions (v4.2 to v5.0)

1. Place the previous database files in the new location…

Ex: Delete all files in folder \WampDeveloper\Database\mysql-data-56\, and copy all files from \WampDeveloper.old\Database\* back into this location.

2. The database files, when moved under a newer major MySQL branch, have to be updated for that branch by running (from System Tab, command-line button):


* MySQL needs to be started and running for mysql_upgrade.exe to work (also once it’s finished, make sure to restart MySQL).

If: Re-Installing The Same WampDeveloper Branch (v4.2 to v4.2)

1. Move back in your \Database folder (replace in entirety, don’t copy-over).

Nothing else needs to be done as your MySQL branch remains the same.

If: Upgrading WampDeveloper v4.1 to v4.2 (Special Case)

1. Download v4.2:

2. Replace the \Database folder.

3. Due to a my.ini configuration change (for logfile size) between WampDeveloper v4.1 and v4.2 (and the way MySQL 5.5 behaves), MySQL won’t start until these files are removed:
C:\WampDeveloper\Database\ib_logfile0, and ib_logfile1 (you might only have one)

* You can usually safely delete these files, but in some circumstances and edge-cases, they could contain data that is not yet part of some InnoDB tables.

4. Run MySQL’s datafiles upgrade program (from System Tab, command-line button):


* MySQL needs to be started and running for mysql_upgrade.exe to work (also once it’s finished, make sure to restart MySQL).

Re-Install phpMyAdmin’s Database

When phpMyAdmin is upgraded, its existing database should also be re-installed.

Make sure MySQL is running, open the command-line (from System Tab, command-line button), and execute the following commands:

Open the MySQL shell -

mysql -u root -p

Drop and recreate the phpMyAdmin database -

DROP DATABASE phpmyadmin
SOURCE C:/WampDeveloper/Tools/phpMyAdmin/examples/create_tables.sql

* If you have not set a password for MySQL account: root, leave the ‘-p’ part out.

* Make sure to update the path used in the above SOURCE line if WampDeveloper was installed on a different drive (the above example is for drive C:).

Migrate Custom Changes

If you had any custom changes made to the Apache, PHP, or MySQL configurations, the VirtualHost files, AWStats, etc, those changes would need to be re-implemented.

A quick way to see the difference between two configuration files (previous vs. new), or between all files in two directories (ex: between WD 4.1 and WD 4.2 \WampDeveloper\Config\ folders), is to use a tool such as WinMerge (or WinDiff if you have VS.NET installed).

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